Secret Zanta CD Exchange

It's Zanta-approved!See the poll at right; we’re thinking about making the mix tape/CD exchange a more frequent thing, several times throughout the year. What do you say? At the very least, we’ll be setting one up for the 2006 Christmas season, so stay tuned.

As mentioned in Molar Radio #31

Last year’s deadline was January 31st.

The 2005 CD Exchange has wrapped up!

Here’s how it worked:

  • Send us an e-mail with your postal address
  • Make a mixed CD * filled with music you like **
  • Create your own cover art (crayons, collage, macaroni — whatever)
  • We’ll put everyone into pairs, just like a Secret Santa thing
  • You’ll mail your CD out to the address that we provide
  • You get a CD full of music that you may not have heard, and a stamp from some exotic locale, like Etobicoke.

    * Far more practical than buying some crappy gift.
    ** Rule #1: No Nickelback. (Thanks, Sarah!)