Toronto’s Molar Radio: Show #3 (Podme95, Ring 2/Millions, an interview)

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Molar Radio: 2005-03-21

Size: 14.5 MB
Duration: 31:52
Bit Rate: 64 kbps
Mode: mono
Sample Rate: 44 kHz


00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
01:42 Obscure children’s show reference
02:43 Chatter
04:09 New rule (a Public Service Announcement)
05:59 Scientology HQ renovations unveiled!
08:08 Segue to molestation
08:47 *pop filter bangs microphone*
09:06 The Hour/Our journalistic obligations
10:03 Podme95
10:40 Film Review Preview… Paramount gripes
11:05 Rainbow Cinema = art gallery
12:51 Ring 2
15:02 Millions
16:56 News: North Korean antics
18:55 Terri Schiavo
19:46 Spot the mistake! [Correction: Lynn Terri Schiavo — look at us, responsible journalists]
21:34 High-tech pop filter (embroidery hoop + nylon + black marker)
22:10 Future guests, song permissions, Cheerleadr at South By Southwest
23:14 iTalk interview failure
24:56 Listings: Half Life
27:04 The long goodbye, ripping off Dawn and Drew
29:18 Interview with Timothy (clips)
31:44 Fin