Toronto’s Molar Radio: Show #2

Hello again. Since we’re only doing one show per week, we decided to give you one that’d take days to get through. Actually, that wasn’t our plan at all; it just worked out that way. Maybe we’ll try more bite-sized episodes in the future… What do you think, listener? Comment below, or send us e-mail (watch as I foil those pesky address-collecting bots):

caugheymachine AT our domain, you know,
erin AT the same domain, which is

Mwaha! A touch more work for you, but we know you’re clever enough to figure it out!
[Edit: Now with the correct (.ca) domain name! Oh, c’mon, you could have just looked up in the address bar.]

Molar Radio: 2005-03-14

Size: 27.5 MB
Duration: 1:00:15 (sorry)
Bit Rate: 64 kbps
Mode: mono
Sample Rate: 44 kHz


00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
01:12 Carmen Elektra DVD
02:18 My weekend sucked
03:42 Born into Brothels
06:51 Pulling a Liam Lacey
07:54 Clear Channel, DJs
09:35 Gratuitous profanity, overdubs
11:49 Contacting us/the iPod sweater
12:38 Free stuff!
13:31 Licensed characters
13:18 That Garfield article
15:00 Marmaduke
16:14 Tangent: Doom for the visually impaired
18:32 Back to Garfield
21:31 Free stuff, for real
24:35 Incredibles iron-on/who’s the bad guy?
27:27 Mom charity, Ricky the Soap Carver
30:23 OCAD
32:11 Paper tole, my project, adult reading material
38:49 Wrap up? Nah.
39:03 Buried by tangents
39:25 Ricky’s tools
40:39 (Lack of) listings, the ROM, James Ossuary
43:13 Sub-genres of house music
44:21 Garth Brooks alienates my Dad
45:55 *yawn*
46:06 Love Sticks/Ignorance of the law is a decent excuse, apparently
51:34 So yeah, Canada’s alright
53:00 Right, sleep
55:07 Goat Horn: Rotten Roll

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  1. Good Job. Or maybe it is not a job.
    So far so good.
    I actually laughed a few times. I will continue to listen.
    I grew up in TO and I kind of miss it so. Thanks for reconecting me.

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