Toronto's Molar Radio #40: A multitude of voices.

Alright, I’ll touch this up later, but I should finally upload this episode, at least.

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Molar Radio: 2006-03-15

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Duration: 41:45

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:25 Frampton comes to Blockbuster!
02:25 Primer (rhymes with “swimmer”)
07:00 Awesome segue
07:25 Erin’s nightmare [previously, in MR #10]
11:20 James’s party
15:15 Jordan‘s messages, before and after
17:05 Film: Caché redux
18:00 Sage‘s comment (she mentions Gerry)
21:45 Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey
23:35 Carcass: Just like the Beatles
26:30 Birthday presents!
29:45 My pen pal Angela’s comment, all the way from Texas
33:40 Wrap…
36:25 Want passes to the ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event?
38:50 …up

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2005 A Terrible BeautyTextile Museum (through 05/14/2006)
04/04 Goat HornOpera House
04/14 The Sean Ward ShowCinecycle (behind 129 Spadina)
04/23 Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation EventMTCC

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  1. dang! my comment sure did sound like CRAP! i need to call back on a regular non-steam powered phone.

  2. Better than gunpowdered? The Mr. T ‘computercator’. Also: Erin’s terrible hipster punk rock name – Candy… Cabbage.

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