Toronto’s Molar Radio: Show #1

So this is our first show, actually recorded on the 7th, but it required some editing. We’ll probably do this weekly to start, so check back!

Molar Radio: 2005-03-07

Size: 16.2 MB
Duration: 35:24
Bit Rate: 64 kbps
Mode: mono
Sample Rate: 44 kHz


00:00 Hey, how’s it going? That’s nice.
02:00 On being saved.
06:50 Hotel Rwanda
08:30 Peter Travers loves your movie.
09:04 Constantine
13:24 Erin gives out too much personal information.
14:49 Crazy guy jumps onto 401 with his daughter.
17:07 Obnoxious DJ bass.
18:02 Canadian content rules; four dead in Alberta.
20:25 Crazed reefer addicts!
22:24 Degrees of tsunami victims.
23:46 Balance in the universe; heavenly rewards.
26:23 Heaven has the Caring Meter and cloud cars.
26:48 No hymen jokes.
28:00 Oh,the places we’ll go, the homeless people we’ll talk to
33:00 Finally, to wrap up…

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  1. i’ve just listened to all of your shows in reverse order.
    listening to your personal banter makes me feel almost like i have actual friends. 🙂
    so, yay.

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