Toronto's Molar Radio #8: HotDocs interview, Kung-Fu Hustle, Glow House #3, Vietnamese food.

Hi, friend! You look well. This week, we interview (real) people from a(n actual) film. A milestone! Thanks again to D’Arcy and Theresa Browning, director Paul Carrière, and co-writer/producer Lisa Cochrane. I think it turned out well; how about you? Post comments below, or send e-mail:

CaugheyMachine AT our domain, you know,
Erin AT the same domain, which is

Molar Radio: 2005-04-25

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
02:13 The lengths I go to
02:27 Glow House #3 [.JPG | .MOV]
03:35 HotDocs vs. hot doctors
04:01 The Cross and Bones
09:15 College and Spadina sketchiness
11:35 ComiCON mini-con dealy, wax ads
12:45 Comics: Chip Zdarsky’s Prison Funnies
13:57 Podcast nudity
14:25 Film: Kung-Fu Hustle
16:25 Food: Ginger 2 [.JPG]
18:35 Rat hotline: 416-338-RATS
19:42 This week’s events
21:13 Interview details
23:22 fee update
24:20 Wrap-up, Gadget tips, vote for us
26:05 Interview: D’Arcy and Theresa Browning
27:35 Impressions of Ontario
28:05 Cynical Toronto audiences
29:05 General impression of the film
30:45 Experiences with bikers
34:05 Canadian Badlands Passion Play
36:45 High-fiving Jesi
37:40 A close call with profanity
39:00 Enter Paul Carrière and Lisa Cochrane
46:40 Distribution, festivals, CBC NewsWorld
47:30 Exit Paul and Lisa
48:50 The Passion in film
50:37 Fin!

This Week’s Shows & Events
04/28 Caribou (Dan Snaith, formerly Manitoba) — Horseshoe
04/28 SNFU/Chixdiggit — Reverb
04/28 An Evening with Warren EllisHacienda
04/29 Toronto Comicon (through 05/01) — NTC, Hall F
04/30 Goat Horn/Hellrazor — Vatikan

05/01 Be Kind To Animals Week (through 05/07)
05/03 Aimee Mann – “The Forgotten Arm” CD released


  1. I didn’t get an e-mail either, but thanks for posting to the site!

    We’ve got listeners from all over the globe now… Toronto, West Toronto… Hamilton. Exotic! Actually, Chris in Halifax proves that someone in the East end of the country is listening, and I think my friend teaching English in Korea is tuning in, too.

    Also, I just noticed that WordPress went ahead and added an RSS enclosure for the Glow House video file, so subscribers will have been subjected to that without asking. I’ll try to edit videos in the future, to keep the file size down. An underwhelming first video blog, but there you have it. Art in the dark.

  2. Hello. Just wondered what radio station you guys were from before podcasting?
    Are you guys from a Toronto radio station? Community or Commercial?

  3. I am currently listening from Bathurst and St. Clair, but in a couple of days you’ll have another listener from the East Coast (Fredericton, NB).

  4. Excellent! We’ll try to keep you informed of exciting goings-on in this part of the country.

    I’ve yet to travel East of Quebec, but I hear it’s beautiful over there. Safe travels, and thanks for saying hello!

  5. I’m not from Halifax for another couple of months now. I’m back in Toronto and it feels oh so good.

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