Toronto's Molar Radio #57: Groove to the chirp.

P-tew! P-tew! P-tew!We have returned with more diddling, and there’s more to come, because who wants to be outside breathing smog? I hope our Bible quotes have been inspirational… Don’t worry, Other Religions, we’ll get to your crazy books, too! All in good time.

Who’s going to see ZUKU this Saturday? Yeah, me too. Don’t forget to wear fishnets on your arms, lest you be deemed not “scene” enough to be granted entrance to the Bovine.

Still applicable:

* Send us your cheap comics so we can act them out in our Dollar-Bin Theatre segment — go here for the PO Box address. Postage will be negligible!

* We’ll be doing a Secret Zanta Mix Tape/CD Exchange at some point, so sign up now!

* Got a relationship question? Ask Beer’d is debuting soon! Our chum Jordan (of ZUKU fame, not to mention a brilliant voicemail cameo on MR #40) would love to answer your pressing dating queries, so fire us an audio file (or e-mail for help). Yes, we can disguise your voice.

As always, get into the groove(y) below (or out loud at 309-216-6458), answer the Zantastic poll on the right before we change it, and refer to our contact page for e-mail/Skype/PO Box info.

Molar Radio: 2007-08-01

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:00 Erin’s chipped tooth
02:10 “Groove to the chirp”
04:15 Fernando update: back to the street/the crack/the seizures
09:00 Ambulance vs. stoplight!
13:25 Crack: Epilepsy wonder-drug? (Science says no!)
14:05 A drain on our health care system
15:55 Obesity
17:35 Gang vocals on Rammer’s Leatherface cover, w/Jason Decay
19:45 Erin has no comment about relationships at this time
20:20 Film: Ratatouille (plus: bad parenting!)
27:35 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Intro
28:00 Sunshine
32:00 28 Weeks Later
34:40 Transformers
39:20 Wrap-up/coming soon
40:00 Bible Diddling #2: Deuteronomy 10:19

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01/27 A Visual LegacyCity of Toronto Archives (through 09/22)

08/18 ZUKUBovine
08/18 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (through 08/19) — Old Vic (U of T)
08/19 Ash Lee BladePhoenix

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