Toronto's Molar Radio #56: Bible Diddling.

Ceci n'est pas un biscuit.Here’s the other episode recorded during our Web host migration — we’re all caught up, and back to recording on a regular basis! (That exclamation point may or may not have been necessary, as will be the case with this one! I felt like exclaiming is all, y’lousy curmudgeon.)

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Molar Radio: 2007-06-28

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
00:45 Web site migration: done!
01:35 Erin’s New York travels and hipster-spotting
10:25 Erin’s new bike — who wants her old one?
15:05 Zuku plays… a rave
20:45 Fernando update: seizures, jobs, gentlemanliness
28:45 Street slang: “dope” and “cookie”
31:35 Film: Summer Blockbusters, in one minute
32:35 Once
36:45 Comics: Nick Bertozzi’s The Salon [Trailer]
40:45 Wrap-up/coming soon
42:40 Bible Diddling #1: Genesis 29:32

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08/18 ZUKUBovine
08/18 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (through 08/19) — Old Vic (U of T)
08/19 Ash Lee BladePhoenix

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2 thoughts on “Toronto's Molar Radio #56: Bible Diddling.”

  1. C’mon, that site thinks “dope” is heroin (a.k.a. “golden girls”!), and doesn’t even mention “cookie”. It’s clearly just The Man trying to sound hip.

    Also, a heads-up: Once is now playing at the Carlton.

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