Toronto's Molar Radio #51: Dessert poo.

Dessert poo, with cake from Rodney. CLICK FOR BIGGER POO.Right, all cleaned up. Image links are now active, so click click click.

This will be the first of two episodes this week, since this one should have been up last week. Shame to push it down the page so soon though; we’re back in the swing of things, and it turned out rather a-OK, don’t you think?

Next episode: the long-promised ZUKU interview, with a track from their upcoming live record!

Still applicable:

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* Got a relationship question? Ask Beer’d! Our chum Jordan (of ZUKU fame, not to mention a brilliant voicemail cameo on MR #40) would love to answer your pressing dating queries, so fire us an audio file (or e-mail for help). Yes, we can disguise your voice.

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Molar Radio: 2007-03-28

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:00 I made spectacular bibimbap, followed by dessert poo
02:15 Opening a gift from Rodney! [.JPG]
03:25 It’s cake, and Ashley Wood‘s D’Airain Aventure #1
05:25 Erin dislikes driving a minivan (also, TTC delays)
07:50 Behind-the-scenes migration to a new Web host
08:45 Ulysses book club
12:00 Touristing it up at Ontario Science Centre
14:25 Deep-fried veggie burgers!
18:21 Perfume-drenched Calgarian [CBC | CTV]
21:40 Comics: Free first issues at!
23:45 Free Comic Book Day is May 5
24:20 DMZee vs. DMZed, and Canadian Sesame Street
25:50 Howard Wong‘s After The Cape [Preview]
29:35 Film: The Descent (both endings)
31:55 Friends With Money
34:30 Wrap-up; ZUKU interview (full record at New Music Canada)

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01/27 A Visual LegacyCity of Toronto Archives (through 09/22)

04/19 Hot DocsAnnex/Yorkville (through 04/29)
04/21 ZUKUQueenshead (free!)

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  1. I’m supposed to protest the Descent ending.

    Umm… it is much better guys. I thought the ending made the movie. Makes the movie so much darker.

    After I finished watching the movie my friends all agreed the ending was absolutely brilliant. I was horrified to hear about the american version.

  2. Wow, I just re-read my comment, I think that I may be going senile. That’s a lot of sentence fragments, and I didn’t really arrive at any sort of point… hey look something shiney!

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