Thanks to Marie-Claire for the molar bank AND crisscross bandage idea.Sometimes, life gets in the way, but we are still around. This is an episode we recorded before the Vivienne interview of #46. We were also hoping to record a Christmas card for you, with our pal Zanta, but we had some, er, scheduling conflicts — he’s not an easy guy to get ahold of! Look for that in the new year. Happy holidays all the same!

The following still applies:

* The Secret Zanta Mix Tape/CD Exchange will be sorted out in January; let us know if you’re interested.

* Got a relationship question? Ask Beer’d! Our chum Jordan would love to answer your pressing dating queries, so fire us an audio file (or e-mail for help). Yes, I can disguise your voice.

As always, show your true colours below (or out loud at 309-216-6458), answer the Zantastic poll on the right, vote at the Alley as if it mattered, or see our contact page for e-mail/Skype/PO Box info.

Molar Radio: 2006-10-11

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:35 The volunteer gig that ate my life
05:45 Better names for paint colours
09:30 Greg and Eva’s wedding
10:40 Wedding cake “from the bride’s country”
13:40 White crime = cute
17:30 Xenophobes in the world’s most multicultural city
20:25 Virgin Fest
24:35 Not everyone here loves Broken Social Scene
25:45 Peter’s brilliant txt: <Picard> Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
28:00 Erin vs. tall dudes
29:25 Word on the Street
31:10 BMV does well
32:20 LongPen robot book signer
36:10 Criminal Records
39:45 Hear a sardonic Rotate [Skype a hipster]
42:05 Film: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
47:30 Half Nelson
50:15 Crank and the 15-minute rule
58:15 TV: Dexter
1:01:50 Comics: The Escapists #1 [Preview], #2 [Preview]
1:05:20 Philip Bond or Steve Rolston?
1:09:40 Wrap-up; Secret Zanta CD Exchange; Ask Beer’d!

Shows & Events
12/23 Pemmydown II (ZUKU, Steelrider&BW) — Pembroke Catering Hall
12/28 ZUKURivoli

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  1. re: 17:30 (I think). We’d be fooling ourselves if we thought they weren’t looking at us because we’re white. My friends, who as a result of me being in East Asian Studies are Asian, talk about race differences all the time. It’s innocent I think, but other ethnicities definitely notice people different than themselves and discuss it without feeling guilty.

    I think us honkies feel too guilty about it.

  2. I think I saw you guys just outside St. George station a few weeks go… I also think I gave you guys a weird confused wtf look because I didn’t know why you looked familiar at the time. Anyway just wanted to say I enjoy listening occasionally, and keep up the good work.

    p.s. not a stalker.

  3. Hey Erin, I did get your CD last year, it’s got such good tracks! I I especially liked the hand-drawn cover art you made, it does look like it took a lot of time to do. I think if you guys do have another exchange, e-mail feedback would be a good idea. Sign me up if you get one going!

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