That's what I call a Coffee Adventure! (The role of coffee in this photo will be played by Vanilla Hazelnut tea.)In case you missed the Knit-A-Long this time, go ahead and visit the Web site for details on the next one. Thanks to Vivienne for being interesting, and co-writing our brilliant new coffee ad. Far Coast, have your people call our people (us). Also:

* E-mail appears to be working again.

* We’re going to do another Secret Zanta Mix Tape/CD Exchange, so let us know if you’re interested.

* Got a relationship question? Ask Beer’d! Our chum Jordan would love to answer your pressing dating queries, so fire us an audio file (or e-mail for help). Yes, I can disguise your voice.

As always, spin a yarn below (or out loud at 309-216-6458), answer the Zantastic poll on the right, vote at the Alley as if it mattered, or see our contact page for e-mail/Skype/PO Box info.

Molar Radio: 2006-10-18

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
00:02 Our Far Coast tribute poem (listen on…)
01:25 Vivienne is our special guest
02:00 Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival
04:45 Far Coast: upscale hippie coffee by Coke
06:00 Zanta sighting; justice; no time for niceties
08:20 So yeah, Far Coast…
08:55 We read some coffee haiku ads
13:45 Classy postcard from Rodney! [.JPG]
14:55 Comics: BKV‘s Doctor Strange: The Oath #1
19:10 Marvel/DC crossovers; The Hulk as interplanetary gladiator
20:15 Ellis‘s Desolation Jones #7 [Sneak Peek | Interview]
27:00 Whedon‘s Fray TPB
30:00 Comic Book DS; get legal comics from Golden Age, DS Index
31:20 Film: American Hardcore
33:35 Moby apparently sang in Flipper
34:30 Death of a President
35:25 The Third TTC Knit-A-Long yarn orgy
37:50 The Knit-A-Long in the current issue of Spacing
38:35 Toronto photography: Daily Dose; photojunkie
39:00 Knit-A-Long prizes; Erin’s iPod sweater
41:50 Knitting in the press
44:20 To wrap up; Secret Zanta 2006; Ask Beer’d!

Shows & Events
10/28 TTC Knit-A-LongTTC, GTA yarn stores
10/29 CanZine 2006Gladstone Hotel
10/29 Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market: Hallowe’en!

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  1. Glad to hear that you two are in love again. Well that’s the vibe I’m getting anyway, hee hee. I’m so mature!

    Glad you’re back in full swing.

  2. Does anyone know what those festive ads with the big present wrapped in striped blue paper, with shiny silver ribbon and a bow are for?

  3. Hey Karen, excellent stuff on Dry Shave — I still have to get Erin to check it out, but we’ll be sure to put in a plug for you guys soon!

    And yeah, Rodney, what’s the deal? I still only see the wrapped blue gifts… I’m assuming that whoever spent all that money is going to pull a switcheroo and reveal their impressive new consumer electronics product sitting amidst the torn paper, just in time for the holidays.

    Actually, I was going to suggest getting the jump on them by sticking a “paper burst” image overtop the ads, like so:
    This Christmas: COCKS!

    Then you could throw in whatever subversive imagery and ad copy you like, and it could be This Christmas: COCKS! Or something, y’know.

  4. I’ve seen some of the “unveiled” ads, and zowie — it’s cell phones!

    A radical new redesign, a paradigm shift in txting? Nope, just phones. Well that was a lot of ad money spent.

  5. I was kind of disapointed that those ads turned out to be boring Bell cellphones. I don’t know if that says I’m a loser. It’s similar to the original Virgin Mobile ads, as well as those ads for Ryerson with iPod headphones, and orange peels.

    (spends a lot of time on the TTC)

  6. Hey now, the Virgin ads were all edgy — “We’ve got a cure for The Catch!” The Ryerson ones were for a cultural studies thing, so they made sense.

    These were far more disappointing. They should have left those festive wrapped presents decorating our transit system. Phones, pfft.

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