C'mon,  you know the tune.You wouldn’t know it from our Web site updates, but we’re more or less back to a regular recording schedule. There are two more episodes recorded, and being that I actually have some time for editing these days, they should be up this week. They’ll be hefty shows like this one, but look at all those topical links! If you don’t visit every single one, I’ll bite you. Seriously. At least try the kooky A.L.I.E.E.E.N Flash game.

A few things:

* I think e-mail is working again.

* We’re going to do another Secret Zanta Mix Tape/CD Exchange, so let us know if you’re interested.

* I hope to have that episode up before the weekend, but why not check out the TTC Knit-A-Long Web site to prep you for our interview with the organizer?

* Got a relationship question? Ask Beer’d! Our chum Jordan would love to answer your pressing dating queries, so fire us an audio file (or e-mail for help). Yes, I can disguise your voice.

As always, post your Fletcheresque comments below (or out loud at 309-216-6458), answer the Zantastic poll on the right, vote at the Alley as if it mattered, or see our contact page for e-mail/Skype/PO Box info.

Molar Radio: 2006-08-23

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00:00 Murder, She Wrote
00:30 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:45 E-mail trouble: Post comments instead!
02:45 Postcard (and sketches) from Rodney! [.JPG]
03:45 Zanta‘s got a site set up: torontozanta.ca
04:25 Wonderland worked me over
06:45 Painful wooden rides: Wild Beast and Minebuster
08:35 Theme songs from your favourite Paramount properties
09:20 Overheard conversation in the Italian Job line re: pterodactyls
10:30 Theme park fight on the Bat Vortex!
13:35 Erin likes the Sledge Hammer
14:15 Our families came to town; mine went to the zoo
19:00 Erin’s parents stayed at the Gladstone‘s “Echame Flores
20:35 The Teen Queen room
22:05 Pedestian Sunday in Kensington Market; giant Scrabble
24:45 Rice Bar
27:15 Breakfast at Easy
29:00 Absurdist theatre: Ionesco‘s The Chairs at Soulpepper
32:30 Theatre etiquette, or lack thereof
35:25 The Distillery District and its Segway Tours
36:10 Film: Little Miss Sunshine
40:15 Black Gold
44:10 Who Killed the Electric Car?
46:35 Outfoxed
49:00 Comics: The Eternals #1, #2, #3 [.MP3 interview]
52:25 Jack of Fables #1, #2
55:15 Lewis Trondheim‘s A.L.I.E.E.E.N [10-page preview | Flash game]
59:35 “Special Delivery” VirginFest tickets and (finally) wrap-up

Shows & Events
10/18 International Festival of AuthorsHarbourfront (through 10/28)
10/18 Bonbons assortisThéâtre français de Toronto (through 11/04)
10/29 CanZine 2006Gladstone Hotel
10/29 Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market: Hallowe’en!

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