Toronto's Molar Radio #44: Let the healing begin.

Do not be afraid.Remember that time we had Sunjye over? The resultant episode stretched over an hour, with minimal edits. Lengthy, but all very interesting, I thought.

That same night, we recorded the audio of a “healing ceremony” Sunjye performed, consisting of a reading from E. J. Gold‘s American Book of the Dead. (The original episode post actually shows a picture of our setup that night, too. Fire up some myrrh, and it’s almost like you’re there.)

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about editing that piece (although the intention was to offer it as a supplemental download to accompany that episode), so it was never released. Since Erin hadn’t heard it since the night it was recorded (last December!), I thought it might be cool to record an intro, listen to the ceremony, and then capture our reactions. So here y’go! Let us know what you think.

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Molar Radio: 2005-12-14 (Healing Ceremony)

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00:00 Sunjye: A little didge to get us started
00:50 So what are we doing, here?
03:45 That time we had Sunjye over (MR #33)
06:55 « We’ve travelled back in time!
07:50 « The ceremony begins…
14:10 « …and ends, followed by our reactions
16:45 « Bardo comic: “Just Another Level”
19:36 Back to the present
22:30 Charcoal can get hot
24:10 Coming up in future shows
27:15 Didgeridoo tryouts: Chris
27:40 Didgeridoo tryouts: Erin

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  1. My friend Ryan interns for Sony BMG, and someone on his team over at posted a link to the Zanta documentary ( I was just reading my friend’s latest post there, and happened to see Zanta up on the front page (how can you miss him?). Anyway, I didn’t realize that was ethnically ambiguous Elle over there until just now. Hi Elle!

  2. It’s mere hours away, I swear! I just have to endure a bit more Hydrangea Blue, Boston Fern, and Mandarin Orange — which you’ll be hearing all about in a couple episodes, mark my words.

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