Toronto's Molar Radio #38: Quick and painless.

Tickets! Get yer tickets! (Teeth, too.)Oh, it’s personal banter you want, eh, friend? Well.

Remember when I put up a poll (still open; down and to the right), and no one wanted to hear about movies? Yeah… Er… We had quite a backlog there, so we decided to dispense with a bunch of films we didn’t have much to say about, all at once. Quick-quick, like a Band-Aid generic adhesive bandage!

Still, three-quarters of the show is personal banter and comic books (wooden puppet love in Fables!). Who says we don’t adore you people?

In about a week, we’re one year old. Send us an audio birthday greeting; we’re going to be playing them throughout the month!

Post help-help/hot-hot comments below (or out loud at 309-216-6458), answer the poll on the right, vote at the Alley as if it mattered, or see our contact page for e-mail/Skype/PO Box info.

Molar Radio: 2006-02-22

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
02:30 I’m currently narrating The Plague audiobook
03:50 Erin’s alive; the kids almost aren’t
11:05 Kirk‘s satellites, lasers, and robots (source: The News)
16:25 Shoe-making update! Pictures next episode!
17:45 Eavesdropping on a tragic conversation
22:10 Comics: Fables #46 (and #44#45, briefly)
29:55 Film: Capote
31:35 Good Night, and Good Luck
34:20 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
36:25 Aeon Flux
37:50 Corpse Bride
39:55 Wrap-up; Rodney puts everyone to shame

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2 thoughts on “Toronto's Molar Radio #38: Quick and painless.”

  1. On the Kirk thing..

    Someone related to me has a similar problem, and when you were explaining Kirk, it reminded me exactly of them — except remove satellites, insert equally odd stories. Anyway.. nobody can figure out where the stored come from, just that they’ve caused the police / ambulence / fire department to longer take her seriously should something actually happen.

    And unfortunately unhelpful family members DO play along..

  2. Machine
    I noticed you mentioned something about urban legends, remember when we went and saw the movie of that name in the theatre? Remember everyone in that movie had the same navy parka, and it was the same parka that the killer wore, so anybody could have been the killer? That was awsome!

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