Toronto's Molar Radio #37: Disappointment in a box.

Also, it was dented.“Yeah, I used to listen to them, before the Zanta interview — y’know, when they were still cool.” Suuure.

Enough local celebrities for the moment; back to our roots, with updates on the excitement in our own lives, and some film and comic book reviews. Bah, it’s all in the show notes. Scroll! Read! Click!

I was tired, so don’t blame me. Actually, y’know what? We kept it short and the episode turned out alright.

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Molar Radio: 2006-02-08

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
02:15 Seeing eye-to-eye with the Conservatives on marriage
04:10 Erin’s been making shoes [.JPG | .JPG]
08:05 Globe and Mail contest scandal! (11 > 10) [.JPG]
14:35 Film: The Matador
19:25 Caché (French for “trying the patience of the audience”)
26:40 Arbiter of all things Hipster
28:35 Comics: The Exterminators #1 [Sneak Peek], #2
33:40 Speedy wrap-up
34:00 Erin connects with the kids
36:30 gorF neerG elttiL

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