Toronto's Molar Radio #36: The Zanta Interview!

Authentic Zanta autograph!Finally, my interview with the living Toronto legend!

Over the course of our conversation, Zanta The Man and I touch on his secret history, experiences with the mainstream media, run-ins with the authorities, and his innovative platform for mayor. (Hint: The City of Toronto is going to rock!)

For more Zanta, be sure to check out our 2005 Christmas Card. And to contact the man himself, send an e-mail to zantahohoho at the domain

Yes x 3, I’m eager to know what you thought.

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Molar Radio: 2005-12-22 (Zanta interview)

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Duration: 38:19

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00:00 Hellrazor (RIP): Dirt Cheap
01:55 The interview begins
02:50 A 20-second recapitulation
03:40 Where’s Waldo?
04:20 The secret origin of Zanta
06:55 Media coverage
09:45 Trouble with the law!
11:45 Banned from the downtown core
13:00 Zanta on fitness
14:47 102.1 The Edge Freakshow (or Fraudshow?)
17:20 Zanta documentary DVD
18:40 How to stay warm
19:45 Public reaction
23:35 Plans for international superstardom
26:10 Mayoral platform
27:40 Downtown: Pan-free zone?
29:10 Homeless solution: one building
30:35 One final word
31:10 Erin’s reactions; wrap-up

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19 thoughts on “Toronto's Molar Radio #36: The Zanta Interview!”

  1. Hi Friends. I met you in the Tim Horton’s on Bloor St a few Sundays ago. I just finished an independant recording of my music, and I’m happy with it. The time has come for me to share my paradise with other human animals hungry for food that keeps them alive, true and well.

    This is the God in me speaking to the God in you … arise Great Beast of the Land of the True North Strong and Free.

    Can we meet soon?

  2. I listed to the podcast interview and I remember seeing this guy downtown. I did a google on him and found some interesting web sites. A long forum where zanta, his ex, nieghbors and friends get into some heated debates can be found here;

    I think this goes to show you there is always more than meets the eye. I don’t know if he is harmless or a menace and peoples comments on forums can’t be taken for face value. For sure there is more going on than what we can glean from an interview and reading a forum.

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  4. email me and tell me where you saw me first and how many times and what do you think of me ,,,

  5. what do i think of zanta….well…GREAT job on the body..”nice” seeing you!! always brings a smile to my face…i spoke with you the other evening outside of “wish” the bar\resturant..and i have to congratulate you for always being so well spoken..YES!YES!..if they think your crazy..they should think again..(or look around)..your the zanta EVER..or should i say the ONLY ZANTA EVER!!! lots of love, PEACE, and happiness!! till next time…

  6. i am a tourist from venezuela and i meet this man in the street for eglington west…. he told me that he was famous, but i didnt believed him!! hahahaha he is very funny really. i hope we have another talk soon.

  7. Zanta your the best. Im so sorry about your daughter, i hope you see her again. Good luck with everything.

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