Toronto's Molar Radio #35: Pleasant smokedreams.

You WILL believe a T can cry. <– Clicking on that image will lead you to the full page of precious gold. More scans linked below!

We got comics! Big thanks to Rodney (we think; no return address!) for being the first to take advantage of our brand new PO Box. This episode, after we talk about ourselves and shrug our way through a couple of movie reviews, we take you on a senses-shattering soundseeing tour of the Mr. T comics he sent us! Yes: Awesome.

Couple weeks left to sign up for the Secret Zanta CD exchange and make your CD. It’s Zanta-approved — YesYesYes!

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Molar Radio: 2006-01-04

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
00:08 Glittery tiger: [.JPG | .JPG | .PDF]
01:21 Secret Zanta update
02:45 What about us?
03:30 Dandy Warhols show security
04:30 Bunny Brown and my stalker [his work: .JPG | .JPG]
06:24 Celebrity comparisons = validation
10:20 Bob is loud
12:50 Erin’s holiday fun
15:25 Crazy grandmother (the one with the toe)
18:25 Film: King Kong
20:10 Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia
22:00 Comics: Mr. T and the T-Force #1 – 2
25:45 Cattle-prod junk science
27:50 It’s a crack baby… Fool!
29:53 Smokedreams (from the drugs)
30:14 Incan culture: no bowl-cuts or lotus leaves?
35:06 Ill-advised Bundy spin-offs [2099 #1 | #2]
36:00 Speed Racer watch ad
36:55 Wrap-up
NOW Comics Mr. T promo video [.WMV | .MOV | .RV]
Seanbaby’s T-Force exposé

Shows & Events
2005 Body Worlds 2Ontario Science Centre (through 02/26/2006)
01/21 The Sean Ward Show — Melody Bar, Gladstone Hotel
01/23 39th General Electionyour electoral district, Canada

4 thoughts on “Toronto's Molar Radio #35: Pleasant smokedreams.”

  1. Hey you two, very enjoyable show! You both sound so happy, what’s that about, snort snort?

    You ain’t somebody, until somebody stalks you…


  2. An excellent way to start the year off and finish the first week of school, this episode was. I decided to avoid the subway and walk to school with Molar Radio as the soundtrack on the beautiful “Friday the 13th”.

    Though, I had a hard time containing laughter when Chris read the Mr. T quotes as I walked down Bloor — classic Molar moments.

  3. I’m working on getting caught up, but since you asked who listeners look like, I thought I’d include my list. I’ve been told I look like Frank Zappa, Burton Cummings and Jerry Garcia.

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