Toronto's Molar Radio #34: Christmas card 2005, with Zanta!

See you at the Zanta Parade next year!

Forgive me any typos — my eyes are tearing up as I write, as I’ve had to neglect my family to bring you this, our Christmas card to you. It’s OK, we’re kind of like family, aren’t we? *sniff*

Sign up for the Secret Zanta Christmas CD exchange while you still can; we’ll have everyone send their CDs out in January.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s listened over the past 10 months, sent a comment of some kind, and/or hung out with us in person. This thing is getting a bit crazy, but it’s been lots of fun so far, and we have various plans for the show in 2006. Until next year!

Post warm seasonal comments below, answer the poll on the right, ring your sleigh bells at 309-216-6458, vote at the Alley as if it mattered, and/or send e-mail to:

CaugheyMachine AT our domain, you know,
Erin AT the same domain, which is

Molar Radio: 2005-12-22

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