Toronto's Molar Radio #33: Sunjye and ceremony.

What were we up to, exactly? Tune in to find out!“We’re going to lose people with this one.”

Those were Erin’s words after we recorded this episode, and to be sure, this is nothing like any show we’ve done up to this point. If you’re new, you might want to check out a previous podcast for an idea of our usual rambling.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think. The healing ceremony audio file is coming soon.

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Molar Radio: 2005-12-14

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
00:48 Another guest, another sumptuous feast
01:35 Near-death non sequitur
02:35 A proper introduction
05:15 Collage zines and sigils
09:00 When art leaves the artist
10:30 Church of the SubGenius and Discordianism
14:55 Rock balancing []
21:25 Tense encounter at the hardware store!
24:40 On shamanism and superheroes
26:20 Healing and E. J. Gold [SlimeWorld]
33:05 Bardo, American Book of the Dead
35:10 Comics: Fell #3
39:50 More sigils, and the Snowtown Tag
44:40 Comic books as inspiration
46:10 Mental illness
48:10 Sports card psychic
49:35 Becoming nomadic/following coincidences/investing in loss
52:40 The disease model
58:40 Is this the wrap-up?

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12/31 Goat Horn/Kill Cheerleader/Hellrazor/RammerVatikan

2 thoughts on “Toronto's Molar Radio #33: Sunjye and ceremony.”

  1. Hey, my pal Sunjay! I haven’t seen him in forever! I still have my enormous collection of his collages that I’ve accumulated over the years. If you see him again before I do, give him my best!

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