Knit to live; live to knit.As promised in this episode, here’s some detail from Erin’s new tattoo. If it looks less than balanced, blame the camera angle.

Also, we begin to delve into the build-up of movies and comics that we’ve been gorging on lately, but keep things to a respectable length.

Hey, d’you like presents? How about getting things in the mail? Then why not sign up for our Secret Zanta Christmas CD exchange, the idea for which came up in our conversation this time around. We’ve got to figure out details, but I think it could be cool, especially if some of our listeners from outside of North America participate. C’mon!

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Molar Radio: 2005-11-21

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00:00 Kill Cheerleader: Turn It On
01:50 I Get Told, and other tales
05:45 Harpy on the St. Clair platform
07:35 Zanta [.JPG | set] [in the news]
10:25 Erin’s new tattoo from Reactive Ink
12:45 Scientologist chat
20:15 Bra rant; get a fitting at Secrets From Your Sister
23:10 Secret Zanta Christmas CD exchange
24:00 Film: C.R.A.Z.Y.
28:25 MirrorMask by McKean/Gaiman
33:25 Saw II
36:15 Comics: All Star Superman #1 *
43:00 Solo #7
48:40 Paris #1didactic
50:25 Fables #43
52:35 Wrap-up; hello to Brad!

* “Salsa Demons” (© 2005 Urban Sherpa) first mentioned in Molar Radio #9

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12/03 Dandy WarholsOpera House
12/03 Kill CheerleaderVatikan
12/03 Ash Lee BladeClinton’s Tavern

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  1. i am tall! btw i love your endings, no one knows where to end. cant wait for next show, and i am totally in on the mix cd thing.

  2. Another great show! The Zanta stuff had me howling, as I’ve “encountered” him on a few occasions as well…

    BTW, I don’t know if you’ve ever come across this site before, but since you all seem to have so much fun with $cientology here’s a good site…

    check out this page in particular… messed up!

    Noticed how I used a dollar sign for the S – clever, huh?

    And bang on with all the movie reviews this show. I’d love to see Gaiman/McKean utilize the same visual style for a story with a bit more meat. As an animator/post-production wonk by trade, I LOVED the visuals.

    Anyways, keep rockin’ in the free world, and that’s one hardcore knittin’ tat! Knittin’ to the X-treme.

    (yes I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee)


  3. Excellent, Tank and Brad — you’re on the CD exchange list! How about you, Doug?

    Man, we didn’t even mention the Scientology episode of South Park… Luckily, you can see it (and the (David) Blaintology one as well) at that site. Thanks for the link! They do a nice job of explaining the belief system, which is entertaining all by itself.

    I was thinking the same thing about Gaiman and McKean, even though I didn’t mention it in the show — I hope MirrorMask turns out to be a “foot in the door” to the film world. Those two could do amazing things in that medium.

    And if you liked this episode, wait until you hear our Christmas special! We’ve got quite a guest lined up…

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