Apologies for last week; I was positively glum (double-digit jitters, perhaps). The mania is back, so on with the marginally less boring show! A much more enjoyable effort this week, I reckon. Post comments below, leave an audio comment at 309-216-6458, or send e-mail:

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Molar Radio: 2005-05-16

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
00:56 Erin doesn’t want to be here
01:12 A commercial for cocaine
02:01 55 years (!) of Dianetics (!!)
06:19 Big important news: Stronach blah blah
07:15 Let’s Fix CANCON
10:43 Let’s not, says Kate Taylor
15:40 Chinese bun-climbers
17:18 Coca-Cola diabetes lawsuit
19:10 No jacket clitoris required
21:05 Are you a female listener? (Hey, wait: Jo-Ann!)
21:43 TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide
23:25 Shocking NSFW NewsWeek news, and an immediate retraction
24:43 Film: Palindromes
29:00 Pitchfork: sell-outs, man
30:40 Comics: Fables #37
32:40 Brian K. Vaughan‘s Ex Machina
33:58 Books of Magick: Life During Wartime #11
35:45 Doors Open Toronto/Ontario/Canada/etc.
38:37 Upcoming: Cheerleadr, TCAF, Joel Meyerowitz exhibit
40:34 Audio comment line: 309-216-6458
43:00 Interminable wrap-up; post comments and vote for us

This Week’s Shows & Events
[Ongoing] Feathered Dinosaurs (through 09/05) — ROM
[Ongoing] Joel Meyerowitz 9/11 exhibit (through 05/31) — HP Gallery

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