Toronto's Molar Radio #10: Hitchhiker’s Guide, Crash, The Ballad of Jack and Rose; Shining Knight, Mr. T; Inappropriate dream touching.

Erin had to make a special trip to the MR studio late in the week for this, but we managed to put something together this week. How do you dispose of your rodents? Post comments below, leave an audio comment at 309-216-6458, or send e-mail:

CaugheyMachine AT our domain, you know,
Erin AT the same domain, which is

Molar Radio: 2005-05-09

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
00:50 Superfluous commemoration!
02:19 Thanks for coming over
02:36 In the studio with Hellrazor
03:25 Dream: Hellrazor gropes Erin
04:53 Mouse corpse disposal
09:35 Crack whores and the men who love & leave them
11:55 Film: The Ballad of Jack and Rose
14:00 The opposite-of-Eye review system
14:20 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
16:04 Crash
17:30 Comics: Shining Knight #2
19:00 Mr. T
24:35 Video Games Live
26:30 Listener comments
29:34 Canada First Quiz
31:31 Women-only transit

This Week’s Shows & Events
05/13 Hellrazor — Vatikan


  1. Started listening to the rodent part while lying in a basement with a mouse problem – uggh! Made me feel awful, as I’ve resorted to tasty poison to get rid of them. I lived with every imaginable creepy crawly for two years in Nigeria, but I’ve just had to draw a comfort zone line on my home turf.

    Except for that part, making me feel so shitty, I enjoy your show, and hope you’ll give mine a listen – and a plug if you like it – cross-fertilization is so important for podcasting.

    Scarboprough Dude

  2. I don’t remember the exact dollar amount offered, but I turned it down… and was pretty creeped out. More by the fact that Chris was right there watching and didn’t do anything.

  3. Thanks for listening, Scarborough Dude — just don’t remind me about rodent infestations… *shudder*

    I’ve added you to the Toronto Podcast links, so now we’ve got ABCD all in a row. Who’s next?

    We recorded this week’s show on Wednesday, and didn’t read any listener comments at all, but we’ll be sure to mention you on the next one. By #6, you’re definitely sounding more relaxed and natural with the mic! Be sure to tour Mike Myers Lane (Blvd?), and all the important sites. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and we’ve got that comment line set up, so feel free to make use of it, everyone (or just send us audio comment mp3s).

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