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Molar Radio: 2005-04-18

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
01:33 Diaper rash… with teeth!
02:25 TV (and knitting) party tonight
03:20 Hellrazor’s fishy punk rock debut
04:50 Drum clinic
06:06 Podcasting “meet-up” vs. meetup.com
08:25 Reality TV news…
08:35 Actually, Canadian politics (sorry)
10:00 Conservative platform
12:28 Publication bans, irrelevance thereof
14:00 The scene! (and news, dude)
14:55 Film: Amityville Horror
17:25 Food: Ethiopian House
20:30 Comics: Bloody Mary
21:40 Anti-Gravity Room
22:15 Spaceships and laser guns
23:17 Fables #36
24:05 Seven Soldiers of Victory #0
24:58 Zatanna #1
25:35 Shining Knight #1
26:00 Klarion the Witch Boy #1
27:35 Books of Magick: Life During Wartime #10
30:48 Pick up litter; meet comics people; bike
33:10 Never use WD-40 on a bike chain
34:00 Wrap-up, vote for us

This Week’s Shows & Events
04/22 The 20-Minute Toronto Makeover — GTA
04/23 Mayor Miller’s Community Clean-up Day — GTA
04/24 Toronto ComiCONMTCC, South Building
04/26 Arcade Fire (through 04/28) — Music Hall Theatre

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