This one was a day or so later than usual, but next week’s show will be early, so there. Again, we ran a tad long, but it’s packed with good stuff. If you prefer shorter shows, say so! Feedback, please and thank you! Post comments below, or send e-mail:

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Molar Radio: 2005-04-11

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
00:54 Terry Fox (A serious moment)
03:53 The commemorative dollar coin, and 40-odd others
05:40 More seriousness: A funeral (and the highlights)
07:50 Heaven’s Saints biker gang
08:33 Flying Fathers, playing and praying
11:33 “Dead like everyone else”
12:40 Anti-Semitic funeral service
14:20 Who’s your daddy? Mailman!
14:52 The ride home; organic tea, preachy vegetarians
16:09 SpeakEasy Comic Book Show
16:49 Cameron Stewart, Grant Morrison
19:34 But did he date my friend?
21:01 Karaoke + Toronto comics
23:04 Cheerleadr show
24:18 Brandon Wars and Kriss Rites: Here With You
25:27 Waiting to leave
26:10 Kick the can
26:51 GI Joe PSAs
28:00 Little girls at the candy store
28:59 The James Joyce
29:34 Making a plan
30:15 John in Rome
32:00 Asking for the digits
32:22 Picking up
33:35 Michael Crichton nonsense
34:06 Multiculturalism/sticking together
34:59 More tips: Bad touching
37:02 Strange religious pamphlet
41:05 Comics: Otherworld #1
41:54 Manhattan Guardian #1/Seven Soldiers
45:05 Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate #1
46:30 Corduroy High #4
47:46 Wrap-up: feedback, vote for us
51:44 World premiere: Heh Wit Xou!

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04/17 The ShinsKool Haus
04/19 Ulrich Schnauss/M83Lee’s Palace

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