We kinda forgot to talk about comic books there for a bit… Remedied! Also, we review Downfall, which we saw last week, as well as Sin City. Feedback, please! E-mail:

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Molar Radio: 2005-04-04

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00:00 Cheerleadr: Turn It On
01:35 Felting lesson
02:36 Foreign accents
04:03 Indian food: Red Rose, The Host
06:03 News: Pope blah blah
07:50 Recycling changes
09:30 Dose, dude, and its crossword challenge
13:55 Sun editorials/SunShine girls/threesome article
14:14 Film: Downfall
17:07 Sin City
19:01 I think I hate Frank Miller (sorry)
23:04 Mickey Rourke bulks up for a role
26:42 Comics: Ultimate Iron Man #1
27:53 Fables #35
29:31 The Pulse #8, Secret War #4
32:24 Otherworld #1
34:02 Show listings (see below)
35:37 Coming up… Cheerleadr, Poetry Month performances
38:17 Wrap-up, thank-yous
40:56 A reading from the book of Bill O’Reilly (Those Who Trespass)

This Week’s Shows & Events
04/07 Scout NiblettHorseshoe
04/07 SpeakEasy Comic Book ShowGladstone Hotel
04/07 Weakerthans/Constantines (through 04/09)– Lee’s Palace
04/08 Cheerleadr/Turbo AC’s/Million Dollar Marxists — Vatikan

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  1. I have to hand it to you both, you do a really good job with the cast. At first I thought it was OK but then after listening to more of your stuff I have come to really like it and look forward to it. I know that one hour is a lot of talk time but I also think that 30 minutes is too short. So can I suggest that you just keep going until you complete your plan, like show #5. I also need to tell you that the home made filter is working really well as I do not hear any of the high drop outs that I heard on the first show. I would really like to see some pics of you 2 and perhaps a pic of your studio as well.

    Be safe, be cool and have fun!


  2. Feedback! Nice.

    I think that going over an hour turns people off — it’s quite an investment, especially for first-timers wanting to check out the latest show. Forty minutes or so is tolerable, I’d say, especially if we mix things up so it’s not just us talking the whole time. I guess we’ll continue drafting a topic list, with a reasonable amount of stuff, and go from there. Even when we do news items, I typically have a bunch of things clipped out, and we pick a couple to talk about. If we wanted to expand, I’d vote for more frequent, shorter shows, myself.

    The pop filter _is_ working pretty well! Now we just need some way to mount it. I checked out some commercial ones, and they seem to have higher tension, but we can always fix that. $4 beats $40 any day. I used these for reference:

    I actually took pictures of it (embroidery hoop + black marker = slick!) and our studio setup, but have been trying to figure out where to put them. We’re thinking about using the “blog” for regular posts too, so we could put pictures there, or on separate “Pages” (the way the show listings are).

    Also, I thought it’d be cool to get a picture in front of one of those neon molars you always see outside dentist offices, and we finally found a couple of decent candidates — took far too long. I used to see those everywhere, until I wanted to find one. But yeah, I’ll get a picture on the front page for now. Good thinkin’!

    Thanks a lot for the comment!

    Chris CaugheyMachine

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